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Rave Song Records: Rates & Client List

The inspiration for Rave Song started in the late 1970s when Dave Angel was hanging around some of the best recording studios in America as the bassist with CBS recording artists "The Boyzz" & then later "The B'zz", also on CBS records.

Recording Client List:
Tafoya's Lost Boyzz
The Willing
Rachael Cain
For Your Eyes Only
The Raleigh Tuckers
The Pull
Buddy Ringo
Wally Priesing "The Light City Singer"
The Lorenzi Brothers
The Group AKA "Ultima Thule"
Roger Crout"Voice Over Talent"
Phuture Trax Records
Write What You Know "Great SKA Band!"
Steel Crazy "Awesome Steel Drum Band"
And more

RATES: $45.00 per hour includes Engineering!