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Rave Song Records: Home

Welcome to Rave Song Records ! (Distribution by Phuture Trax Records)

Record Label, Recording Studio, In house Art Department, & Marketing division.

Analog Front-end / Digital Recording.

Equipmet List:

Pro Tools 12, LA-2A, ProFire Lightbridge, Alesis ML9600,

Dangerous Music ANALOG Summing Mixer & Monitor Management

MONITORS: Event 20/20P,

MASTER CLOCK & CONVERTERS: Antelop Isochrone OCX clock, Apogee Rosetta 800,

PRE-AMPS: Chandler TG MKII Limited EMI ABBY ROAD Special Edition, API 4123, PRO ART MPA Tube Pre Amps, Bellari RP503 chanel strip, Focusrite OctoPre MKII

EFFECTS: Lexicon MX 400, TC Electronics, Zoom 1202, DBX 266XL x3

MICS: NEUMANN TLM 49, AKG c214 Stereo pair, Studio Projects B3, CAD Equitek E200, Oktava MK-012-01 x2, Shure SM57s, Shure SM58s, Audix D-6, Sennheiser 609, Sennheiser 604 x3,

LINE-6 PODxt, Electroharmonix Polyphonic Octave Generator

Studio blue tintjpg.jpg