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Rave Song Records: Rave Song Photos

The Willing
Mike Tafoya & Rachael Cain @ RSR!
The B'zz Record Store signing! 1980s!
"Write What You Know" recording horns @ Rave Song!
Ian Hunter (Mott The Hoople), Mick Ronson (David Bowie's Guitarist) & Dave Angel on Bass
Dick Clark & Dave Angel on "American Bandstand"!
The Willing (formerly "Ultima Thule") First Rehearsal @ Rave Song Records!
RSR Artist Rich Wigstone in Rave Song Records
CBS / EPIC Recording Artist Kent Cooper in Rave Song
The Legendary Mike Tafoya!
The Lorenzi Brothers (Bruce & Brian) recording vocals @ Rave Song Records

Studio Shots

Rack Me !
Let's get to work
Did we forget to mention the owner is a bass player!

For Your Eyes Only

For Your Eyes Only!
Boyzz Single (45 RPM) Dave last on Rt !
Mike & Dave hard @ work on Tafoya CD!
Dave recording a track for Tafoya
The night The B'zz signed with Epic!

Raleigh Tuckers

Tuckers 2008
Tuckers Rehearsal: Terry, Dave, John
Terry on Keys!
Some Bass please !
John on Guitar!

The Boyzz

The Boyzz @ Loop Fest
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